Ebor is Your High-security Outsourcing Partner Helping You Achieve and Maintain Competitive Advantage

Our approach to confidentiality of information, the processes we have in place, and the security of our facilities enable us to be your high-security partner; and it is our deep and repeated engineering experience over 100s of projects that enables Ebor personnel to solve complex problems quickly.  Ebor is an Adelaide-based engineering services company, established in 1986, that provides custom solutions to the unique problems faced by its customers.  Ebor offer services for software engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, systems engineering, systems integration, project management, research & development, cyber-security, secure facilities and IT networks, product development, and various other services. Our speciality is custom IT and communications systems.

Ebor researches a problem, analyses requirements, and then designs, develops, implements and tests the solution prior to delivery to the customer.  Ebor can supply services in any or all of these areas according to customer workflows (agile or waterfall) or Ebor’s own ISO9001 quality processes.  Ebor’s adaptability to customer requirements and processes has enabled it to supply engineering services at various skill levels to hundreds of Defence projects for repeat customers like Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), Defence Science Technology Group (DTSG), and Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), as well as to commercial customers such as Boeing Defence Australia and BAE Systems Australia.

Employee satisfaction at Ebor is high, with many employees exceeding 15 years of service to the business.  Ebor employees enjoy a flexible working environment, competitive salaries, opportunities for professional development, and a healthy work-life balance.

Approach to Risk Management

Ebor manages its own business, technical, and safety risks through its ISO9001 risk management processes and protocols.  Ebor manages project risks of a technical, schedule, safety, and financial nature according to client requirements or through an adaptation of the AS/NZS ISO 31000, Mil-Std-882, or AS/NZS 4360 risk management guidelines.  Ebor endeavours to include the client in management of project risks to ensure that the technical, financial, and schedule concerns of the customer are addressed in a satisfactory manner.

Approach to Confidentiality

Ebor is serious about the confidentiality of client information, and only disseminates information to those employees having a need to know in order for them to complete the job.  This seriousness applies for Defence as well as commercial customers.

For our Defence customers: Ebor implements processes in the Defence Security Manual (DSM) and Information Security Manual (ISM) to protect client information and to handle classified information according to client requirements.  In addition, Ebor maintains a zone-4 facility with an accredited ICT network.  Ebor also maintains a zone-5 facility with RF-shielded room and accredited network.

For our commercial clients: Ebor will handle information according to client requirements and, in the absence of specific requirements, will apply the “need-to-know” principle.  Staff working on commercial projects usually have a Defence clearance and are able to apply Defence-like security of information if necessary.

Usually Ebor allows all foreground intellectual property (IP) to vest in the client.  After all, Ebor is developing a solution for your unique problem!  Occasionally, Ebor’s own background IP or third‑party IP may be necessary in the solution.  In these cases, use of such IP and associated licenses are brought to the attention of the client before being incorporated into a solution.

How We Communicate

In every project, Ebor strives to involve the client in the process to explore alternatives and to ensure that the delivered solution meets the intended requirements. This usually occurs through regular meetings and conversations involving the project managers, the project teams, and the customer. These communications can be formal or informal, via email, via telephone, or face-to-face; whatever method is suitable for the customer.

Care for Employees

Ebor cares for its employees through a safe work environment, flexible working hours, competitive salaries, opportunities for professional development, company bar-b-ques and outings, and a healthy work-life balance.  Employee satisfaction at Ebor is high.

Many Ebor staff are long-serving with more than 15 years of service to the business. Ebor personnel are committed to their careers with the majority exceeding 15 years experience, some exceeding 20 years, others exceeding 30 years, and one having over 50 years experience!

Ebor inspires staff to undergo continual professional development in their respective fields.  These fields include administration and management, computer science, software engineering, computer systems engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronic engineering, systems engineering and project management, graphic arts, mathematics, and physics. Ebor also encourages its eligible engineers to seek professional accreditation through peak bodies such as Engineers Australia.


Ebor is an ISO9001:2008 company with a quality management system that ensures high-quality outcomes for clients.  Ebor’s quality management system covers project management, design, development, and realization of systems for the commercial and defence industry sectors.