Ebor’s applied scientists can analyse problems and make recommendations supporting engineering endeavours.  Our scientists perform and contribute to:

  • research;
  • modelling and simulation;
  • algorithm development;
  • signal processing;
  • data visualisation and management;
  • database design and construction.

Indeed, Ebor can provide analytical services for all these areas or just those for which your organisation requires help.  Our niche data & analytical services include:

  • real-time signal processing;
  • image processing and analysis;
  • automatic modulation recognition;
  • signal tracking;
  • direction finding and signal improvement algorithms;
  • multi-antenna reception/ transmission algorithms
  • database construction and management according to client requirements;
  • data analysis mining, fusion, and visualization for results reporting;
  • information management;
  • distributed databases across networks and sites;
  • distillation of KPIs from database information.