Though Ebor is primarily an engineering services company, it has developed a number of products throughout the years.

The most successful of the products are listed below.


The EHRX-0816 is an 8-input digital radio receiver with high-dynamic range.


The EHTX-401 is a 4-output digital radio transmitter with high-dynamic range.


The ECP-82 is a portable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) suitable for man-pack radios.


The ECO is Ebor’s solution for a mobile highly-secure office.

Ebor Computing Products

Ebor Computing is a sister company of Ebor Systems Pty Ltd.


SmartMove is a low-cost taxi dispatching service.  SmartMove is a product of Ebor Computing.


MedFePS is software designed for healthcare patient management and charging.  MedFePS is a product of Ebor Computing.