Our Company

Ebor is an Adelaide-based engineering services company, established in 1986, that provides custom solutions to the unique problems faced by its customers.  Ebor offers engineering services, data & analytical services, information security services, and management services.  Typical contracts require a high level of technical content and innovation and usually involve aspects of most of these services.

Ebor can supply services in any or all of these areas according to customer workflows (agile or waterfall) or Ebor’s own ISO9001 quality processes.  Ebor’s adaptability to customer requirements and processes has enabled it to supply engineering services at various skill levels to hundreds of Defence projects for CASG, DSTG, and ASD, as well as to commercial customers such as Boeing Defence Australia and BAE Systems Australia.

The company started work meeting the software needs of scientific research clients at the Defence Science Technology Group (DSTG) at Edinburgh, SA. In 1999, Ebor began undertaking work for Capability and Sustainment Group (CASG) under JP2081 and JP2043.  Since then it has branched out into many areas including electrical/electronic/RF engineering, systems engineering, systems integration, test engineering, project management, research & development, cyber-security, secure facilities and IT networks, product development, and various other services.  Ebor has delivered an operational capability to Australian Defence through JP2043 and JP2008, has provided specialist engineering services to the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and to large commercial customers, has developed and is commercializing products including array-based radio-communication systems, software defined transceivers, secure containerised offices, and portable man-pack uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).  In 2004 Ebor’s sister company Celltrack Systems began. Celltrack’s purpose is to develop and market the SmartMove™ product, which is a taxi dispatching system based on the mobile phone network.  SmartMove™ is now providing taxi dispatching services to over 70 taxi fleets (over 1900 cars) in Australia and New Zealand.

Ebor takes a collaborative approach to satisfying the needs of customers to ensure realisation of their expectations.  By maintaining its ongoing strong relationship with Defence and commercial customers, Ebor stays at the forefront of technology and its application to exciting and nationally important concepts as they emerge.  By means of repeat business and recommendation, the company has continued to supply specialised services to its customer base for over 30 years.

Our Values

Resolving a technical issue in a way that involves the customer while adapting to a client’s workflow is how Ebor can provide your organisation solid solutions to unique engineering problems.

Our mission is to provide quality solutions to unique problems faced by our customers to assist them in meeting their own objectives.