The EHRX-0816 is a an 8-input digital receiver that directly down-converts  HF and low-VHF signals to baseband.  It was developed out of a need for a high-dynamic range receiver with multiple-inputs for RF Surveillance, Direction Finding, and Signal Improvement. Though adapted for HF and low-VHF signals, the EHRX-0816 can be reconfigured for VHF and UHF signals.

The EHRX-0816 digital receiver is hosted on a 4DSP platform consisting of the PC720 Kintex-7 PCIe card and the FMC168 8-Channel 16-bit ADC board.  Signals presented at the 8 RF inputs can be directed to any of the 64 DDCs present in the digital receiver for multi-channel processing, beam-forming, or any other application requiring multiple RF inputs.  With its 10 MHz reference input, the digital receiver can processing RF signals from 2 MHz to 62 MHz with signal bandwidths from 7 kHz to 1.9 MHz.  Boasting an output SNR of at least 115 dB and a typical SFDR of 120 dB, the EHRX-0816 can be used in applications requiring sensitive receivers.

Ebor’s Expertise

  • FPGA-core design, testing, documentation, and production
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design including digital down-converters(DDC), numerically controlled oscillators (NCO), and finite-impulse response (FIR) filters.
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